Tuesday’s at Poynton


Royal British Legion

George’s Road West

Poynton, Cheshire SK12 1JY

Class Nights Only £7pp - Includes 2 Classes and Practice/Freestyle Dance Time...OR...

Beginner’s Only £4pp just wanting to join in our Beginner’s Class & then just social dance/practice for the rest of the evening

(ie No Intermediate Class)

So if you’re a Beginner, you get 6 week’s classes at just £4 per night, or until you join in with our Intermediate Class, no rush :)

Every Tuesday 8 - 10.45pm

A full night of dance £7pp includes all classes:

8.10pm - 8.40pm - Absolute Beginners Class in our main room

8.40pm - 9.15pm - Practice, Freestyle & Social Time

9.15pm - 9.40pm - Intermediate Class in our main room

9.40pm - 10.45pm - More Practice, Freestyle & Social Time

We tend to have a lovely gender balance, so everyone should enjoy plenty of dances throughout the evening.

Our 1st freestyle will start after the beginners class around 8.40pm for 35 minutes

Intermediate Class

Start at 9.15pm

Our 2nd freestyle will start around 9.40 till 10.50pm, so over 1 & 1/2 hours of freestyle/practice time

Click here for Revolution Dance Venues and Maps (Or ‘contact us’ page) All Venues & Maps

Enjoy a fun social night out, where you can also learn a new fabulous partner dance...

Our philosophy on learning, is that it has to be fun, modern jive is a social dance, where people of all ages and backgrounds meet to socialise. So although we teach modern jive with a real flare, you cannot help but get caught up in the enthusiasm which helps to create great fun nights, whether it’s a Class Night, Freestyle, Workshop,

Weekender or Holiday

So if you want to learn something new; on your own or with a friend, keep fit without it feeling like hard work, or meet new people, a Revolution Night will be just the thing and remember, almost 100% of Modern Jiver’s had no formal dance experience before they went to their first class, so you’ll never be alone if it’s your first time and have 2 left feet ;)

People with two left feet are our speciality, so don’t be shy.

  1. No partner nor experience required

  2. clothing should be comfortable & footwear should

allow you to spin, therefore no training shoes...

Full Directions Here Click on the area below

Directions: Poynton Map.tiff

If it’s your 1st Time we offer the 2nd Week for FREE

This should help you decide whether this lovely fun, social dance is for you :)

Take a look at our class nights below - Left is a beginners class, Right is an intermediate class

Want to fast track your modern jive moves check out our learn to jive DVD’s

Your Quotes: ‘I didn’t think I could learn jive so easily’ ‘Sooo glad I found your dancing lessons’

Loving your new modern jive moves’

L S D Nights at Poynton every Tuesday, Wednesday Keith teach’s Freelance- Learn Lovely Smooth Dancing

              “The teachers Keith and Janey were superb and genuine. If you felt novice or unsure, they'd welcome you right in”

LSD Nights

Lovely - Smooth Dancing

with a fabulous atmosphere